Action Jump, jump from 110 m chimney


Jump from the top of the highest jumping building in Slovakia and experience total freedom and a high amount of adrenaline during the free fall from 110 metres high chimney.


Pezinok - Action Tower


The degree of adrenaline:
medium - large


Coupon valid until:

31 .10. 2021

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We have something special FOR LOVERS OF ADRENALINE ADVENTURES. We offer you a 3.8-second free fall. You will jump off the 110 metres high tower called “ACTION TOWER”. Take a memorable experience and try an aerial acrobatics. Free fall does offer endless possibilities of air acrobatics: back or front handsprings, somersaults, jumps with various objects or tandem jumps – two clients or client with an instructor.

ACTION Jump is a new technique using dynamic jumps of securing ropes and pulleys. It is based on two dynamic ropes hanging freely between two objects in the layout to the letter “U”. To use this system, it is necessary to use a suspension rope Action Jump and a special pulley that allows you to maximize the free fall off an object, i.e. 90% of the height of the whole jump. Dynamic force that is created at jumping the “free fall” is changed from vertical to horizontal position in a circular manner. That is why a braking force (overload), affecting the jumper is minimal (the dynamic power is of 1/3 compared to bungee jumping). Safety of jump is ensured by certified components and energy systems. We guarantee both comfort and maximum safety with comfortable braking system.

Included in the price

  • Jump for one person
  • Climbing equipment
  • Mentoring
  •  Lift to the top of Action Tower
  • Coupons valid until 31.10. 2021

The Current Dates 2021:

21.03.2021- Sunday
04.25.2021 – Sunday
16.05.2021- Sunday
30.05.2021 – Sunday
13.06.2021 -Sunday

06.19.2021 – Saturday
27.06.2021 -Sunday
04.07.2021 -Sunday
18.07.2021 – Sunday

07.08.2021 -Saturday

08.08.2021 – Sunday
22.08.2021 -Sunday

05.09.2021 -Sunday

09.19.2021 – Sunday

If the deadlines are met, the deadlines are added continuously.


Jump from ACTION TOWER offers you up to 3.8 seconds of free fall from 110 meters. Just to compare, bungee jumping on the dam in Switzerland where legendary James Bond was jumping, offers only 4 seconds of free fall from 220 meters.

ACTION TOWER 110 meters: This is the highest jumping building in Slovakia. Springboard is extended 3 meters from the contour of the chimney shell to maximize the safety of jumpers who are shipped to this height by the lift.


  • Min. age: 15 years (when below 18 years, a legal representative must be present and sign a declaration)
  • Max. jumper weight: 120 kg
  • Min. number of participants for one date is 10
  • Voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase and its validity may be extended by six months for € 8
  • Possibility of buying a GoPro video on the spot for € 19 (you can choose a video filmed from the helmet or from the GoPro stick)
  • Jumper must be healthy and have no health problems that could adversely affect safety and smooth process of the jump (epilepsy, postoperative conditions, back problems, heart disease…)
  • Jumper older than 60 years old has to submit a current medical certificate of health
  • Reservations have to be cancelled at least 4 days in advance
  • The instructor may suspend or revoke the jumps due to weather changes or maintenance of equipment, and in such situations, the client may choose another date for another jump
  • It is forbidden to jump under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • The maximum number of jumps that 1 person can do is 3 per hour or 8 during the day
  • Absence at the exact hour and date determined by the organiser to do the jump is considered to be a resignation and money will not be returned
  • After preparing and equipping the jumper, the window for jump is 10 minutes. If jumper does not take the plunge to jump, the jump is annulled and money will not be returned.
  • Whenever the announced deadline of a jump it is necessary to verify exactly 1 day in advance if it is implemented because of weather conditions
  • Weather conditions / limits when we do not organize any jumps: (wind speed greater than 35 m / s, strong rain and snow, storms etc.)
  • Before each activity to Tower Action must be signed a reverse, which can be found here.

Individual dates:

Can be arranged with a minimum of 10 jumps. For example by paying for 10 jumps or combination with any other events services: Abseiling, House running, Tandem Jump.

What to bring with you:

  • Comfortable Sportswear
  • Sturdy shoes


  • Operation from 04/01 -31/10

Address for service:

23 Drevárska, Pezinok
(entrance from Wood street, industrial area BetaCar)
GPS: N 48.275300, E 17.2668442


Drevárska 23
Pezinok (entrance from Wood street, industrial area BetaCar)